Content Editor – Digital Communication

I was primarily responsible for content development. I managed the website content, social media pages and also worked for event promotion. I coordinated the planning and execution of various national level events including workshops and symposia. Additionally, I was also involved in various communications roles including writing press releases, content writing, content editing, rapporteuring and handling official email correspondences. I have spent quite a while copyediting articles for the Journal of Earth System Sciences. It is my role in this organisation that strengthened my wings of a freelance career in scientific content.


Research Student

I worked initially with Dr Kavita Reddy on Next Generation Sequencing of hereditary and sporadic Pituitary adenoma cases and Familial Primary Immuno Deficiency. Following this, I moved up to work with Dr Remya Raja on the investigation of induction of Epithelial–Mesenchymal transitions following exposure of normal human cell line of oesophagal origin to smokeless tobacco extract. I was also working with Dr Harsha Gowda on mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of retinopathy of prematurity. I also carried out literature-based curation and analysis of Osteopontin–mediated signalling in cells. Basically what I was doing was a whole lot of western blotting, PCRs, whole-exome data analysis, clinical study, Pubmed scouring and sample preparation for MS-based proteomics. While I loved it there, there was also a sinking realisation that I didn't belong. I quit.


Project Student

My first science research position ever! Boy was this exciting for me. I worked in the Centre of Applied Genetics under Dr N J Shetty. My project was the analysis of the larvicidal activity of crude extracts of Eucalyptus globulus and Centella asiatica leaf extracts against two mosquito vector species – Aedes aegypti and Anopheles stephensi. Here, I was responsible for the maintenance of the insectary – I had to clean mosquito cages, feed them, and basically maintain their everlasting cycle – egg to larvae to pupae to adults. God, I hated those creatures. Besides maintenance, my actual project taught me the basics of literature survey, study design and scientific writing. This was where I realised that writing was a skill, one that I am good at. This is also where I first realised that I found scicomm to be more exciting that science. 


Associate Specialist

This was a super cool job. Their tag line was Innovation in Education and guess who was involved in the innovation? Moi! I did a lot during my time here. I tested, developed, and implemented a project plan with innovative technical content and deliverables for a research project – it was basically an extracurricular science program for young students. I had to ensure stringent quality testing, faculty training & delivery. It was massive and quite successful and rewarding and fun!


I contributed to research on effective pedagogical approaches and develop teacher training modules in science education. I designed edutainment based science activities, demonstrations, kits, etc. that aid in the conceptual understanding of science. I also authored numerous SOPs and instruction manuals pertaining to activity-based learning kits. FUN BIT – I actually co-developed an English-learning, activity-based program. 

I provided conceptual coaching in Biology for students; 8th – 12th grade for CBSE, ICSE and ISC (You have no idea how much of learning was involved before each class!). Oh. Also, I formulated a multiple-intelligence development program for children and coordinated the successful execution of the same. Yay. I designed, developed and authored content for social media and coordinated with the communications department for the design of various components, brochures, etc. for the company. See, this job set the framework of my skill set that would one day allow me to freelance.